Complete Arrowverse Timeline Explained

The Flash Fits Into This Timeline In An Interesting Way…
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When Arrow premiered in 2012, the Arrowverse was just a twinkle in executive producer Greg Berlanti’s eye. After two seasons though, The Flash ran into the hearts of fans. And that was soon followed by the time-hopping antics of Legends of Tomorrow and the high-flying heroics of Supergirl. Soon, the Arrowverse became a multiverse full of meta-powers, magic, and aliens — and a few vigilantes who were just really good at fighting. Yet as the Arrowverse sprawled — and put out crossover events year after year — its timeline got increasingly more challenging to follow. And even more challenging to figure out the best order to watch it in. This video is for everyone who’s struggled with these difficulties. We’ll start at the beginning and disentangle the basic timeline of the Arrowverse as it added in more and more shows and included more characters in its crossovers. Season by season, we’ll fill in the blanks of what to watch when and how the seasons of the different shows line up. Press play for our no-nonsense guide.



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