Definitive Tokusatsu Popularity Contest – H2H 1-03 & 1-04 + Preliminary Group 34

Time Force Green vs Kamen Rider Lazer

Trip is the naive Green Power Ranger of Time Force, since his society is one without secrets. As such, he is sometimes gullible, leading to negative consequences. He is extremely skilled with technology, having created the Electro Booster weapon as well as their robotic owl, Circuit, whom he is very close to.
Kiriya Kujo was a medical examiner of Seito University Hospital. He obtained a Gamer Driver and the Bakusou BikeGashat to transform into Kamen Rider Lazer 

Akaninger vs Kamen Rider Shadow Moon

Takaharu Igasaki  is AkaNinger, who is also known as The Fiery Ninja, the Red Ranger of the Ninningers. He is the older brother of Fuuka Igasaki. Takaharu is the type that acts before thinking. He acts like a big brother, trying to pull everyone together, sometimes unsuccessfully. His caring nature makes him draw the shortest straw most of the time, but even then, he is an optimist who believes everything will be alright.

Kamen Rider Shadow Moon is the alter ego of Nobuhiko Akizuki, who had been abducted by Gorgom to become one of their new kings. Shadow Moon is both the stepbrother and best friend to Kohtaro Minami, who had been abducted alongside Nobuhiko but managed to escape.

Group 34

  • Ippei Akagi – DenziRed
  • Ayase – TimeBlue
  • Miu Sutou – Go-On Silver
  • Hikari Nonomura – ToQ 4-gou
  • Karone – Galaxy Pink 2
  • Daggeron – Solaris Knight
  • Masashi Sudo – Kamen Rider Scissors
  • Mitsuki Kamijo – Kamen Rider Leangle
  • Takumi Katsuragi – Kamen Rider Build
  • Dan Shishimaru – Fuun Lion Maru
  • Kei Yamaji – Princess Ninja Emiha
  • Clark Kent – Superman (Earth-LC)
  • Mok-gi – Mocky
  • Quinn Wang – Fire Guard
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