Definitive Tokusatsu Popularity Contest – H2H 1-05 & 1-06 / Preliminary Group 35

Galaxy Pink vs Bouken Red

Kendrix Morgan is the first Galaxy Pink of the Galaxy Rangers. Kendrix is also the first Power Ranger to die in the line of duty. Kendrix was introduced as a science officer aboard the space station Terra Venture. She was one of the six people to travel through a spatial rift to Mirinoi in the first episode, and she drew a Quasar Saber that allowed her to transform into the Pink Galaxy Ranger.

Satoru Akashi, nicknamed “Chief” by his fellow Boukengers, is the Passionate Adventurer Bouken Red’ of the Boukengers. Driving the GoGo Dump and the GoGo Commander, he leads the team with a calm expression and a fire in his heart, mainly battling King Ryuuwon of the Jaryuu Clan.

Beet Buster vs Captain Marvel

Masato Jin  was Beet Buster of the Go-Busters. 13 years ago, Masato ended up in subspace regardless when his fellow researchers sacrificed themselves to trap Messiah. Trapped in subspace, he created Beet J. Stag to aid him by placing his body in stasis and creating an avatar of himself to move about. When he learned of the others’ fate as Messiah’s engineers upon being contacted by Sakurada, given the plans to the BC-04 he developed, Jin decided to escape the subspace and back into the real world.

Billy Batson was granted the ability to become Captain Marvel by saying “Shazam!” by the Elders. He now roams the Earth with his mentor, ‘righting wrongs, developing understanding, and seeking justice for all’

Group 35

  • Kenji Asuka – Midoranger
  • Noel Takao – LupinX/PatrenX
  • Chad Lee – Blue Lightspeed Ranger
  • Kelsey Winslow – Yellow Lightspeed Ranger
  • Cameron Watanabe – Green Samurai Ranger
  • Shintaro Goto – Kamen Rider Birth
  • Jack Shindo – Ultraman Great
  • Yuma Megumi – Fire-2
  • Gou Kazama – Guyferd
  • Ad – Eagle-Sazer
  • Cisco Ramon – Vibe
  • Kara Danvers – Supergirl (Earth-38)
  • Nia Nal – Dreamer
  • Mai Qingshan – Armor Hero Lava

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