Definitive Tokusatsu Popularity Contest – H2H 1-07 & Preliminary Round 36

White Dino Thunder Ranger vs Ultraman Ace

Trent Fernandez (aka Trent Mercer) is the White Dino Ranger of the Dino Rangers. Trent is the adoptive son of the multi-billionaire paleontologist, scientist and doctor Anton Mercer. His biological parents were killed in an archaeological cave-in as they worked on a dig with Mercer several years before Trent moved to Reefside. After uncovering an invisiportal in his father’s office, Trent was transported into the lair of the evil Mesogog, where he came in contact with the White Dino Gem, which transformed him into the White Ranger.

Seiji was a truck driver for an Orphanage, and was delivering bread for the children when the first choju Verokron attacked Tokyo. Seiji bravely continued on his way back to Orphanage to evacuate the children with his truck but the missile choju obstructed his truck off to the side of the road. Undaunted, Seiji continued to the Orphanage. After arriving he help a nurse, Yuko Minami, move all of the children to a save bunker. Both Seiji and Yuko return into the Orphanage building to rescue any remaining children, however Velokron’s missiles brought the building down on the two brave humans, killing both of them. Ultraman Ace saw the heroic action of the pair from afar and gave to them his life and the Ultra Rings, so that the three of them would fight against the choju and their evil master, Yapool.

Preliminary Group 36

  • Kousaku Nangou – DynaYellow
  • Sakura Nishihori – Bouken Pink
  • Ethan James – Blue Dino Ranger
  • Joji Yuki – Riderman
  • Kaito Kumon – Kamen Rider Baron/Aka-Rider
  • Taiga Hanaya – Kamen Rider Snipe/Kamen Rider Chronus
  • Jin Hakariya – Sazer Dain
  • Garret – Mystic Knight of the Forest
  • Gamou Joji – Spectreman
  • Rei Hayama – Reddle
  • Carter Hall – Hawkman
  • Cho Bi-hwan – Vectorman Eagle
  • Xiao Feng – Armor Hero Tornado
  • Pan Da – Panda Man
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