Definitive Tokusatsu Popularity Contest – H2H 1-08 & Preliminary Group 37

SPD Green Ranger vs Kyoryu Silver

Bridge Carson is the former S.P.D. B-Squad Green Ranger, he would later be promoted to the SPD Blue Ranger in the wake of Sky becoming Red Ranger after Jack’s retirement. He later is promoted to SPD Red Ranger in Once A Ranger after Sky becomes Earth Commander.

Wise God Torin is a former member of the Deboth Army and the mentor to the Kyoryugers. He later becomes Kyoryu Silver, the partner of Zyudenryu Bragigas.

Group 37

  • Haruka – Yellow Mask
  • Doctor Ulshade – Kyoryu Violet
  • Aurico – Red Aquilan Ranger
  • Cestro – Blue Aquilan Ranger
  • Will Aston – Black Overdrive Ranger
  • Noah Carver – Megaforce Blue/Super Megaforce Blue
  • Koda – Dino Charge Blue Ranger
  • Waku-san – Prince of Space
  • Aguri Kusugami – Gai
  • Ryu Asuka – Spear Ninja Toppa
  • Kate Kane – Batwoman
  • Oliver Queen – Green Arrow (Earth-SV)
  • Xi Zhao/Ivan – Metal Armor Mastiff Man
  • Iron Mask – Torga

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