Definitive Tokusatsu Popularity Contest – H2H 1-12 & Preliminary Group 41

Kamen Rider Double vs Time Force Pink

Officer Jennifer “Jen” Scotts is Time Force Pink and current leader[1] of the Time Force Rangers and also the mentor of the Hyper Force Rangers. She and the other Time Force Rangers traveled to the year 2001, where they were stranded in the town of Silver Hills. They were forced to recruit Wesley Collins, a local man with a genetic resemblance to Red Ranger Alex, despite Jen’s objections. Jen became the Pink Time Force Ranger and leader of the team.

Philip is a mysterious young man who works as Shotaro Hidari’s partner at Narumi Detective Agency. Being an avatar of the real name Raito Sonozaki, who had died and was revived by the True Gaia Memory, he has full access to the Gaia Library, which he often interfaces with to look up for information on Dopants, and has computational capabilities comparable to that of a supercomputer. As the right-half of Kamen Rider Double, he helps Shotaro fight the Dopants as they appear in Futo City.

Group 41

  • Kouta Bitou – HurricaneYellow
  • Houji “Hoji” Tomasu – DekaBlue
  • Champ – Oushi Black
  • Keiichiro Asaka – Patren 1gou
  • Kira Ford – Yellow Dino Ranger
  • Kaoru Kino – Another Agito/Mido-Rider
  • White Woz – Kamen Rider Woz
  • Hideki Goh – Ultraman Jack
  • Genki Kaguya – Ultraman Neos
  • Katsumi Minato – Ultraman Rosso
  • Hikaru Todoroki – R1
  • Kouga Saezima – Garo
  • Akira Dentsuin – Sazer Remis
  • Nora West-Allen – XS

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