Definitive Tokusatsu Popularity Contest – H2H 1-17 & Preliminary Group 46

Oh Blue vs Pink Space Ranger

Cassie Chan is the second Pink Turbo Ranger of the Turbo Rangers and the Pink Space Ranger of Space Rangers. Cassie was an amateur singer who first traveled to the city of Angel Grove during the Power Rangers Turbo episode Passing the Torch. Cassie is a gutsy and sarcastic, music-loving teenager. Cassie moved to the Angel Grove/Stone Canyon area to pursue her dream of breaking into the music business. On her way she met T.J. whom she quickly befriended. Cassie was soon dragged into helping T.J. rescue Katherine Hillard, the Pink Turbo Ranger, and Tommy Oliver, the Red Turbo Ranger.

Yuji Mita is OhBlue of the Ohrangers. He is 21 years old (37 in Gokaiger). A swift person, Yuji is an expert in fencing and gymnastics. His recklessness makes him the most childish member along with his way of speaking. Yuji uses jumps and midair fighting tactics. 

Group 46

  • Jun Kiyama – DenziYellow
  • Takeru – Red Mask
  • Yukito Sanjyou – AbareBlue
  • Nobuharu Udo – Kyoryu Blue
  • Leo – Zyuoh Lion
  • Udonna – White Mystic Ranger
  • Ravi Shaw – Beast Morphers Blue
  • Ken Shidou – Sazer Lion
  • Ivar – Mystic Knight of Water
  • Jimmy Olsen – Guardian (Earth-38)
  • Seon U-mun – Wild Moon
  • Xu Tingfei/Edward Fei Jr. – Cyclone Warrior Aero
  • Su Ailei – Ruishan Baby
  • Qiu Yu – The Rain

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