Definitive Tokusatsu Popularity Contest – Preliminary 47 & Round 1-18

DekaYellow vs Yellow Mystic Ranger

Charlie “Chip” Thorn is the Yellow Mystic Ranger. Chip is the self-proclaimed “Superhero Expert”. Chip is considered a little odd as he loves fairy tales and phases in and out of reality, and repeatedly wore a superhero costume to high school and even to the prom. He was deemed by Madison as “the perfect example of a non-human species”.

Marika Reimon is DekaYellow of the S.P.D. and Dekarangers, nicknamed “Jasmine“. A psychic (ESPer), as she can pick up sensory impressions of others through handling an object or visiting a location her target has touched or been to, although she can get exhausted if she overuses them. Jasmine wears gloves to help control her powers when she doesn’t need to use them.

Group 47

  • Goro Sakurai – Spade Ace
  • Ako Hayasaka – Blue Swallow
  • Yoyoi Ulshade – Kyoryu Violet 2
  • Yamato Kazaraki – Zyuoh Eagle/Zyuoh Gorilla/Zyuoh Whale
  • Jayden Shiba – Red Samurai Ranger
  • Lauren Shiba – Red Samurai Ranger 2
  • Calvin Maxwell – Ninja Steel Yellow
  • Kaito Touma – Ultraman Max
  • Noburu Tenma – Bankid Pegasus
  • Kane Lucano – Beetle-Sazer
  • Bikel
  • Caitlin Snow – Killer Frost (Earth-1)
  • Arthur Curry – Aquaman (Earth-SV)
  • Guem-gang – Kumgan
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