Definitive Tokusatsu Popularity Contest – Round 1-11 & Preliminary Group 40

ShishiRanger vs Green Turbo Ranger

Adam Park was the second Black Ranger of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, as well as Zeo Ranger IV Green of the Zeo Rangers and briefly, the first Green Turbo Ranger of the Turbo Rangers and the second-in-command to Tommy Oliver of the Turbo Rangers.

Daigo of the Heavenly Phantom Star is ShishiRanger, or Lion Ranger) of the Dairangers and the second-in-command to RyuuRanger. He is 24 years old (42 in Gokaiger). The most gentle member of the team, as well as the most serious of the group, he works at a pet shop and becomes romantically involved with Kujaku. He was scouted to be a Dairanger after Kaku’s discovery of his Qi connection with Kujaku. He specializes in the Kung Fu form of Hung Ga and utilizes illusions in combat.

Group 40

  • Hokuto Dan – DynaRed
  • Tekkan “Tetsu” Aira – DekaBreak
  • Takeru Shiba – Shinken Red
  • Kou – Ryusoul Red
  • James Navarro – Dino Charge Aqua Ranger
  • Takeshi Hongo – Kamen Rider
  • Miyuki Tezuka – Kamen Rider Raia
  • Naoya Kaido – Bio-Trooper
  • Jun Himeya – Ultraman Nexus
  • Zatanna Zatara (Smallville)
  • Diana Prince – Wonder Woman
  • Jason Todd – Robin 2 (Earth-DCU)
  • Xiang Yang/Paul – Armor Hero Emperor
  • Li Haolan/Tim – Pyro Warrior Mars
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