Definitive Tokusatsu Popularity Contest – Round 1-19 & Preliminary Group 48

S.P.D. Shadow Ranger vs Kamen Rider Decade

Tsukasa Kadoya is an interdimensional traveler who transforms into Kamen Rider Decade to exercise his role as The Destroyer of Worlds. As the overseer of the A.R. Worlds, he travels to these worlds to determine whenever destruction is necessary for them.

Anubis “Doggie” Cruger is the S.P.D. Shadow Ranger and was the Commander of S.P.D’s Earth Branch until his promotion to Supreme Commander of Space Patrol Delta after Fowler Birdie’s retirement to Miami.

Group 48

  • Tsuyoshi Kaijo – Akaranger
  • Ryouma – GingaRed
  • Isshuu Kasumi – KuwagaRaiger
  • Makito Ozu – MagiGreen
  • Kotoha Hanaori – Shinken Yellow
  • Moune – Gosei Yellow
  • Trini Kwan – Mighty Morphin’ Yellow Ranger
  • Ashley Hammond – Yellow Turbo Ranger 2/Yellow Space Ranger
  • Max Cooper – Blue Wild Force Ranger
  • Shinji Kido – Kamen Rider Ryuuki
  • Rei Hino – Sailor Mars
  • Daijiro Tate – Big Hawk
  • Sig (Blue SWAT)
  • Dong Lei – The Thunder
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