Definitive Tokusatsu Popularity Contest – Round 1-20 & Preliminary 49

Spider-Man vs AbareKiller

Mikoto Nakadai, M.D. is AbareKiller of the Abarangers, and the former leader of the Invasion Garden Evolian. Mikoto observed the Abarangers from the side while mastering the Dino Minder and coming to the conclusion that it would be fun to fight against the heroes, thus naming himself “AbareKiller.”

Takuya Yamashiro is a 22-year-old motocross racer who was given a bracelet from the last survivor of the planet Spider, giving him special spider-like powers and the ability to transform into Spider-Man. He has the ability to perceive threats from the Iron Cross Army with his Spider-senses, and fights the Iron Cross Army in order to avenge the death of his father, who was killed upon finding the spaceship known as Marveller.

Group 49

  • Kenichi Akama – Goggle Red
  • Yuma Ozona – ChangePegasus
  • Ramirez – Kyoryu Cyan
  • Kinji Takegawa – StarNinger
  • Tanya Sloan – Zeo Ranger II Yellow/Yellow Turbo Ranger
  • Leo Corbett – Galaxy Red
  • Mack Hartford – Red Overdrive Ranger
  • Camille – Green Chameleon Warrior
  • Kazuma Kenzaki – Kamen Rider Blade/Ao-Rider
  • Yuuto Sakurai – Kamen Rider Zeronos
  • Laurie Foster – Scorpio
  • Den Iga – Space Sheriff Sharivan
  • Daisaku Katagiri – G-Stag
  • Clark Kent – Superman (Earth-38)
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