Definitive Tokusatsu Popularity Contest – Round 1-23 & Preliminary Group 52

Go-On Green vs Kamen Rider Diend

Daiki Kaito is an inter-dimensional thief who travels through the A.R. Worlds as Kamen Rider Diend in order to steal items he deems as treasures belonging to said worlds, while crossing paths with Tsukasa Kadoya on many occasions.

Nicknamed the “Vagabond,” Hant Jou is a light-hearted, almost childish pizza boy from Doki Doki Pizzeria who saw the Go-Ongers canceling their transformation until Gunpei Ishihara’s actions cost him his job. Soon after, he learns about the Go-Onger technology. Seeing the Go-Ongers in trouble, he helps return the Engine Casts to the Go-Ongers and is given a Henshin Brace Shift Changer, becoming Go-On Green.

Group 52

  • Asao Hyou – VulPanther
  • Ryu Tendo – Red Hawk
  • Saizou – NinjaBlue
  • Koume “Umeko” Kodou – DekaPink
  • Renn Kousaka – Go-On Blue
  • Scott Truman – Ranger Operator Series Red
  • Iori Izumi – Kamen Rider Ibuki
  • Kousuke Kiriya – Transformed Kyousuke/Kamen Rider Kyoki
  • Shin Moroboshi – Ultraman Zero
  • Tappei Mikami – Sazer Gans
  • Tora Jonosuke – Tiger Joe Jr (Fuun Lion Maru)
  • SolDozer
  • Andrew McCormick – Blue Stinger Beetleborg/Chromium Gold Beetleborg
  • Sun Ce – Legend Hero Taishi Ci/Legend Hero Gan Ning/Legend Hero Huang Gai
  • Zoe Xu – Thunder Guard
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