Definitive Tokusatsu Popularity Contest – Round 1-27 & Preliminary 56

Time Force Red vs Gokai Yellow

Genetically similar to a Ranger from the future, Wesley Collins was chosen by the leader of Time Force to take on the powers of the Red Ranger during a battle with Cyclobots. Initially refusing, he eventually ran toward his destiny and became the Red Time Force Ranger.

Luke Millfy is the ship’s lookout on the Gokai Galleon. Born to a poor family, Luke joined Gokaiger after an attack on her planet by the Zangyack, and she hopes to make enough money to buy a whole planet as a safe space for young orphans. Using her Mobirates and Ranger Key, she transforms into the dual-sword wielding Gokai Yellow.

Group 56

  • Matoi Tatsumi – GoRed
  • Yuri – TimePink
  • Beet J Stag – Stag Buster
  • Yuko Fukui – Kyoryu Cyan 2
  • Fuuka Igasaki – ShiroNinger
  • Eiji Hino – Kamen Rider OOO
  • Akira Date – Kamen Rider Birth
  • Gentoku Himoru – Kamen Rider Rogue
  • Momotaros – Kamen Rider Den-O/Momo-Rider
  • Gabra/Go Watabe
  • Suzuko Kazamura – Belle Star
  • Jun Watari – Fire-5
  • Janperson
  • Barbara Gordon – Batgirl (Earth-1966)
  • Nangong Xinyi – Captor Carbon
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