Easy Rare Achievements

Playing various games for the growing list of Achievements and Trophies leads to seeing some real anomalies. One of those is in the idea of a Rare Achievement.

Rare Achievements are ones that are only earned by 25% or less of the tracked players, and with various ways of tracking these achievements we can see a few patterns.

I’m going to focus on two types of Achievements (including Steam Achievements and PS Trophies) that are considered “rare” by either the system or through the third-party website TrueAchievements.com, TrueTrophies.com, and TrueSteamAchievements.com

There are four kinds of Rare Achievements in gaming.

  • Challenges – The hardest achievements that few people are good enough to earn. They represent challenging tasks, like beating a boss without taking damage or within a certain period of time.
  • Impossible – These achievements are ones that might have been easy to perform, but because of game closures or bugs, they can not be legitimately earned any more.
  • Stupid – These achievements represent games that a lot of people downloaded and ran, but few people played, leading to the tracking system to see far more players than actually played the game. Because many of these “fake players” don’t sign up for tracking sites, you can recognize these Stupid Achievements by a rare classification on the platform, but a common classification in the tracking services.
  • Tedious – These achievements represent games that a lot of tracked players have attempted and definitely played, but few have collected, despite there being no particular skill involved in the task. Common trophies of this type have requirements like “Reach X Level” or “Defeat Y monsters” that only require grinding, and most people give up during the grind.

We will be focusing on the latter two categories to create a series of achievements that you can easily complete to boost your Gamerscore and Trophy Counts.


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