How Powerful is MCU Odin?

Over in the MCU, Odin is a real interesting and kinda confusing character. Not necessarily cause he’s “interesting” per say, cause he just doesn’t have a lot of screen time or enough things to do to be interesting. No, what makes him interesting, or really more, what makes him confusing, is that we have absolutely no idea how powerful Odin is. I mean, he’s the Ruler of Asgard, the Allfather, King of the Gods, and Protector of the Nine Realms, but we still have no clue just how powerful he actually is! Based upon statements, he’s the most powerful being in the nine realms, but based upon feats and what he’s actually shown on screen, well he’s not nearly THAT impressive. So that raises the question, just how powerful is Odin the MCU? Well today, thats what we’re gonna figure out!

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