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Luka Millfy (ルカ・ミルフィ Ruka Mirufi) is Gokai Yellow (ゴーカイイエロー Gōkai Ierō) of the Gokaigers.


A tomboy and the ship’s lookout who dislikes needing to have a reason to act. Excels in RECON and exploration, and has a strong tenacity for treasure hunting, earning her respect from her peers. However, her need to get the treasure often makes her forget the mission is in front of her, be that when it comes to the enemies, or her friends. Having grown up in a poor family, Luka appreciates the value of money to the point of greed. Despite this greed though, her crew views her as a good person, especially Ahim (Gokai Pink).

She frequently trains her eyes (by spotting shooting stars before she goes to sleep) to help her reaction time in combat and to spot treasures. Originally a poor, homeless girl, she appreciates the value of money and tries to finds ways to get money which borderlines on being greedy. She also has a collection of expensive jewelry which the others will sometimes use to exchange for local currency, much to her dismay.


The Gokaigers returned to Earth in a quest spearheaded by Captain Marvelous with the goal being the treasure inside the Link Cube. As Marvelous acquired the treasure personally while Gai arranged for the legendary Sentai that had emerged since their initial departure to provide their Ranger Keys to assist them in battle, Luka and the others were sent to provide a distraction, guided by Navi into a confrontation with the four Zyuman members of the 40th and current Super Sentai, the Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger. Engaging the Zyuohgers so as to stall them, Gokai Yellow fought Zyuoh Tiger one-on-one followed by her counterpart, Zyuoh Lion. Finding themselves overwhelmed by the Zyuohgers’ Instinct Awakened modes, the Gokaigers selected from the Ranger Keys of recent years that Gai had acquired in order to turn back the tide of the battle, with Gokai Yellow Gokai Changing into her counterpart from the Tokumei Sentai Go-BustersEp. 28: The Space Pirates ReturnThe Star Wars story lives foreverWATCH NOW ON DISNEY+Ep. 29: The Monarch of the Monarchs

Zyuohger vs. Ninninger

Gokai Yellow appeared with her team among the first 38 Super Sentai whom collectively empowered Wild Tousai Shuriken King in its fight against the titanic Gillmarda, granting the Ninningers and Zyuohgers the power to perform the Zyuoh Ninnin Super Sentai Burst which destroyed Gillmarda with the combined power of all 40 Super Sentai. Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger vs. Ninninger: Message from the Future from Super Sentai

Kyuranger vs. Space Squad

Luka appears in the mid-credits scene of Kyuranger vs. Space Squad where she steals one of Raptor 283‘s macaroons (ironically taking the pink one instead of the yellow one next to it). Raptor immediately tries to stop her before they start fighting over it. Hammie notes that their voices sound very similar, which both do not see how.

Super Sentai Strongest Battle

Luka was absent from the Gokaigers when they fought against Gaisoulg, who Marvelous notices using Luka’s signature “Bladed Whip” attack.Battle1: Who is the Strongest in History!? It is revealed by Stinger that Gaisoulg was actually the armor with Luka inside. After moving on to Takaharu Igasaki, Gaisoulg left her chained up and later Takaharu as well after moving on to Stinger.Battle3: A Secret Revealed

After Marvelous dons Gaisoulg’s helmet to find her and Takaharu, Luka blasts him in the face with her Gokai Gun to get the helmet off and stomps on him to get him up. Asking him why he was so reckless, Marvelous tells her that he figured it would be fine since she was there, to which she responds with her signature, “Shut up, fool”. After she explains Gaisoulg’s history and Marvelous considers the matter wrapped up, he tasks her with taking down the barrier preventing communication with the outside for skipping out on their team, which prompts her to punch him. After destroying the barrier, she waits for Marvelous to come pick her up, which he fails to do and she decides that she’ll have to punish him.Final Battle: Heading Towards Tomorrow!


“Gokaiger!”―Transformation announcement[src]

Like Gokai Blue, Gokai Yellow is a melee fighter, trading her Gokai Gun for Gokai Green’s Gokai Saber to wield alongside her own. While she lacks the strength of Gokai Blue, she makes up for it with her resourcefulness and improvisation; wielding her Sabers like bladed whips through the wires of the Grappling hooks within the hilts or joining them together to form a double sword. When performing a Gokai Change, she usually transforms into previous Yellow Rangers.



Final Waves

  • Gokai Slash: Luka’s preferred finisher. Inserting a Ranger Key into her Gokai Saber, Luka either performs an energized slash or flings an energy blade at an opponent. When performing the Gokai Scramble Team Attack, Luka performs a Double Gokai Slash with her and Doc’s Gokai Saber.

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