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Querl Dox, also known as Brainiac 5, is a Coluan and a member of The Legion. A 12th-level intellect, Brainiac 5 is an incredible scientist and combat strategist, affectionately nicknamed “Brainy” by the other legionnaires. He also goes by the name Barney when operating among humans. While organizing a pro-alien rally, he used the screen name American Alien. Unfortunately, during a rescue mission with J’onn J’onzz and Nia Nal, he is electrocuted by security guards, causing his mind to “reboot”, making him cruel and emotionless, similarly to his evil ancestors. He later regained his emotions after seeing Nia in mortal danger.

Early life

Querl was born in the 31st century on the planet Colu into the so-called “Brainiac clan”. He is implied to have had a strained relationship with his mother. A genius with a 12th-level intellect, the highest ever recorded on the planet, Querl was inspired by the superheroism of the 21st century and Supergirl‘s ideals, as well as the story and legend about her. At some point in his life, he joined the Legion, a group of superheroes founded and led by the time-displaced Daxamite Mon-El.

While on a mission, Querl, Mon-El, Imra Ardeen and three other unidentified legionnaires hit a wormhole and were transported 12,000 years into the past. They decided to put themselves into cryo-sleep until the 31st century, but Mon-El and Imra were awakened early when a torpedo hit their ship in 2017 and they later decided to awaken Brainiac 5 to help Kara after she lost her first fight against Reign.


Querl is an extremely intelligent, logical, but compassionate individual. In the beginning, Querl’s compassionate nature was shown in his efforts to help Kara awaken from her coma. Mostly likely due to being a synthetic being, Brainy sometimes comes off as socially awkward and slow to pick up on people’s feelings.

However, Querl’s massive intellect boasts an equally massive ego, calling himself a “12th Level Intellect”, coming up with impossible solutions with technology that doesn’t exist yet or dismisses other people’s ideas in favor of his own, in addition, he makes his decisions based on logic and calculations, which is why he sided with Imra in her quest to rid themselves on Pestilence in order to save the millions of lives in the future. He is also shown to overestimate his capabilities, especially back in the 21st century where the technology is far more limited than to what he is used to.

Even after spending months in the 21st century, Querl has some trouble understanding some things; he doesn’t understand needing to keep quiet about carrying on off-the-books research while tending to not understand the purpose of tasks asked of him until explained in greater detail. However, he does have an appreciation for classic movies that both Mon-El and Kara told him about.

Querl seems to have an infatuation with Nia Nal, trying to act cool or becoming clumsy in her presence, she seems to return the attraction, flirting with him several times. Furthermore, after Querl lost his emotions, once he saw Nia in a mortal danger his original personality was restored, indicating he deeply cares about her. Querl later admits Nia is the first person he has truly loved in his life. Due to this fact, he tends to make some (hilarious) blunders in trying to be romantic. After Nia expressed gratitude for breakfast in bed, Querl attempted to make her happy by sending her lunch, in unfortunately large amounts. Though once Nia makes it clear that he’s trying too hard to be romantic, Querl backs off and starts trying simpler methods. Querl tends to ask Alex and Kara for dating advice.

After being tortured by the Children of Liberty, Querl’s mind rebooted and made it line up to his more emotionless ancestors, the loss of emotions made him quite ruthless, leading him to leave both Nia Nal and J’onn J’onzz behind to be taken to an unknown location, disregarding their safety.

Querl was very practical, never saying more than needed. However, his words tended to be very textbook to the point of exasperation.


  • Coluan physiology: Being a synthetic life form, Querl’s physiology allows him to shape his body and interact with technology.
  • Cybernetic interface/Technopathy: Querl is a Coluan cybernetic being. He is able to transfer the body in the form of digital code and teleport through any technology by flying into it while in digital form. He can use any electronics as a portal to another destination, traveling through electronic and digital signals, while he is unable to travel through older broadcasting signals. He can interface with any machinery and manipulate computer systems with a mere gesture, as well as detect digital electronics and signals, while he could not do so with older broadcasting signals and technology. Being incredibly multitasking, he can project his own mind into another via cybernetics devices and maintain enough clarity to speak at the same time with the person to which he is connected and the others in the real world.
    • Telekinesis: In addition to his ability to manipulate technology, Querl also can telekinetically maneuver it. It appears to extend to metallic objects as well. After being tortured, Querl was able to pull his legion ring to him, as well as the dog tag of one of the soldiers, pulling the soldier himself in the process.
  • Super strength: Querl’s strength allowed him to fight a Kryptonian on equal grounds.
  • Super speed: Being a Coluan, Querl also showcased blinding levels of speed.
  • Flight: Being a Coluan, Querl has the ability to fly, although since he mainly uses his legion ring to fly, it is unknown to how well he is capable of flying.
  • Invulnerability: Querl’s body is denser and more durable than a human’s, but not nearly as durable as a Kryptonian’s.
  • Self-repair: As a digital being, Querl is able to self-repair, though only if he is conscious, otherwise the Omegahedron can be used to reconstitute him. In addition, he appears to have a degree of enhanced healing factor, with him quickly recovered from being tortured.
  • Shapeshifting: Being a Coluan, Querl can change his appearance.
    • Malleability: Being a Coluan, Querl is able to manipulate his limbs to stretch and elongate to almost no limit and turn his limbs into blades that can pierce into Martians. He is able to absorb bullets harmlessly into his body if shot.
    • Voice mimicry: Querl succeeded to perfectly mimic Lauren Haley’s voice.
  • Hyper-metabolism: As Querl even states himself, he has the capability of recovering from alcohol libation with remarkable speed.[6]

Abilities via Legion Ring: Each member of the Legion is granted a special ring that serves as a form of identification, along with granting each member several other capabilities. Since having the ring taken by The Hat, he lost these abilities. After the defeat of Manchester, Brainy’s ring was returned to him.

  • Flight: The ring has been shown to enable Querl the ability to fly through unspecific means. It seems to be activated through a telepathic suggestion, as no thoughts or movements were taken to activate it. It appears that it allows Querl to fly in a more hover-like stance rather than the typical vertical form of flying found in Martian Manhunter or Supergirl.
  • Telepathy immunity: The ring has been shown to give the wearer the ability to resist telepathic abilities such as when M’yrnn J’onzz loses control in the D.E.O. and cause everyone to display violence towards each other.
  • Oxygen independence: Querl’s ring grants him the power to breathe unaided in harsh environments such as the vacuum of space.


  • Genius-level intellect: Querl has a “12th-level intellect”, meaning he is a genius even by the terms of the 31st century, thus, he possesses superhuman calculation skills, amazing memory, and exceptional technical know-how. This increased intellect gives him superior calculating abilities, an encyclopedic memory and innovating scientific knowledge even by Coluan standards. By concentrating the power and disciplined nature of his mighty mind he safely operated many 31st century devices with ease.
    • Psychotherapy: Querl is trained in psychology and tried to use his skills to enter Kara Danvers‘ mind and help her to wake from her coma.
    • Expert pilot: Querl is an extremely skilled pilot; being able to drive the Legion cruiser when in battle with Reign.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: As a Legionnaire, Querl has participated in Legion combat training and is an adequate hand-to-hand combatant. However, he has yet to overly exert himself in this regard, given his sophistication, such that his personal fighting style leans more on the defensive, and is content with simply and calmly dodging incoming strikes, watching his adversaries tire themselves as they attempt to assault the Coluan with virtually no avail. In fact, thus far the one time when he got aggressive was a case somewhat when he kicked down Pamela Ferrer to incapacitate her and nothing beyond that. In addition, after his mind was rebooted, he effortlessly brutally defeated several armed soldiers, with no harm to himself.
  • Skilled medic: After Alex Danvers sustained an injury to her leg when Reign lashed at her with a heavy chain, Querl was seen tending to her by mounting a futuristic leg-cast over the agent’s damaged limb, and though Alex had to use crutches for a time because of the cast, she recovered quickly enough in due time.
  • Ancestral memory: Querl possesses full ancestral memory; he claims to remember all the evil deeds his ancestors performed.


  • Computer viruses: Since Querl is an A.I., he can be subjected to computer viruses.
  • Ophidiophobia: Querl is deeply afraid of snakes. Hence, he had difficulty confronting Pamela Ferrer due to her serpent-like symbiote.
  • Emotional state: Querl could be rendered unable to use his advanced intellect when disrupted by current emotional stress; for example, the experience of being prejudiced by his former friend at a pizza shop prevented Querl from completely focusing on a mission to help Kara escape from the Children of Liberty at L-Corp. After having his mind rebooted; Querl has lost all of his emotions. After seeing Nia Nal in mortal danger, his emotions returned and he went back to normal.
  • Extreme electrocution: Being electrocuted by extremely high voltage caused Querl’s mind to reboot, stripping him from all emotions. In addition, it caused a green substance to come from his mouth (likely some kind of bloodlike interval fluid).


  • Legion suit: Querl wears a protective suit during battle.
  • Image inducer: Querl uses an inducer to make himself look like a normal human; when he goes out in public. It also allows him to take on the appearance of others such as Ben Lockwood.
  • Legion ring: Querl’s legion ring allows him to fly.[7] It was taken away by the Hat in the middle of their battle. It was later returned to him by Kara after the defeat of Manchester.[8]

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