Coming Soon: The Definitive Toku Popularity Contest

People always make lists of which Power Ranger is the best, or what team in Super Sentai, or if Kamen Rider is better than Ultraman, but what if there was a way to find out for sure?

A definitive side-by-side polling of all Rangers, Riders, Metal Heroes, and more, including American counterparts where available, tournament style with one clear winner at the end.

I’ll be partnering up with tournament company Challonge to set up what would be multiple brackets to whittle down the list to a manageable 256 entries. But to start, we need ground rules on what characters would be eligible for entry.

Rule One : Entrants must be from a Live-Action action show. No cartoons, no dramas. This means that Kevin Conroy’s Batman from the Animated Series, for example. will not be considered.

Rule Two: Entrants must utilize a Suit. If you fight crime in civilian gear or police issue, it doesn’t count. This means that Buffy and The Boys are out.

Rule Three: Mentor figures will only be included if they suit up to fight as a hero. Wizard Barza from Zyuranger is out.

Rule Four: Character must operate under a clearly defined hero name, which can be shared or reused. The last Power Rangers film is disqualified here, as the characters were “called” by their colors very few times, and Pink Ranger was never even said.

Rule Five: Individuals who have accepted multiple identities will only be considered once. Tommy Oliver (Mighty Morphin’ Green Ranger/Mighty Morphin’ White Ranger/Red Zeo Ranger/Red Turbo Ranger/Black Dino Thunder) will not be listed multiple times, however Miss America was a mantle held by both Diane Martin and Maria Nagisa.

Rule 6: I’ll reserve the right to disqualify individuals based on story. The puppet from ToQger transforming into ToQ 6-gou will decidedly not count.

With those rules in mind, I will begin compiling a list of various characters which will then be split up into seeding brackets for elimination before the main tournament.

A separate post will follow which will be updated as necessary.

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