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So, I’m catching up on anime that I missed after not subscribing to for a while and came across this small, easily digestible gag anime called Dogeza, I Tried Asking While Kowtowed. And it truly is a distillation of a Sex Pest in anime form. At 12 episodes running 3 minutes each, including a minute long credit sequence, the whole show can be gotten through in a half an hour. And if I have to sit through this, so do you.

Episode 1 – Now Groveling

The first target is Gakesaka Minori.

After a brief introduction by the unseen narrator, we are dropped in medias res with Doge Suwaru, existing as a POV character, on his hands and knees on the school roof, begging his classmate to show him her breasts.

She politely declines and he accepts that because… Wait, sorry.

She acts all blushy and wishy-washy about it, saying that she doesn’t even really have breasts yet, they’re more like falling off a cliff. After a minute and a half of pestering, she relents, opens her top and pulls up her bra.

This is TV anime here, so naturally the breasts are covered tastefully in animated figures of a person kneeling on the floor and begging.

Episode 2 – Indeterminate Equation

Target – Sukiyabashi Rui

Stuck in remedial math classes alone with his teacher, Suwaru uses his general lack of knowledge to get the teacher to agree that if his grades improve, she will show him her breasts.

As you do.

He instantly and without explanation becomes an absolute savant at math, getting every question she throws down at him correct until she relents. She pulls off her shirt and bra and show off the twins, begging that no one be told of this.

Episode 3 – No Panties, No Problem!

Target – Misenai Kanan

In the nurse’s office after school alone with another student, Suwaru decides that he wants to see her panties, apropos of nothing. And it turns out, she’s kind of into it.

In fact, she’s not even wearing panties today.

At this point, even the narrator is getting into it as Kanan teases Suwaru by pulling her skirt up higher and higher until he can just barely see it…

The string of her panties that she was hiding by hiking it up with the skirt. He then reaches for the string and pulls off the panties for her.

As you do.

Episode 4 – Hardboiled Dogezaland

Target – Murakami Sanami

They’re in the library today. And Suwaru starts off by being, well, charming. He and Sanami were reading and he made some touching, if corny literary refeences that Sanami seemed to be getting into.

And then the Fire Nation attacked.

He just straight up tells this shy underclassman to show her breasts to him and begins his groveling technique. As she insists that not only does she not want to show them and they’re just huge blobs of meat and fat anyway, he presses the attack until the funbags explode out of her shirt anyway.

Episode 5 – Hey There!

Target – Osaka Akari

That can’t be her real name.

She’s his childhood friend and they’re in the gym together, along, after school. Any guesses what is going to happen?

After a little bit of tsun tsun moe, Suwaru decides he wants to see her panties, getting her to hike up her skirt and show them to him. It’s all pretty straightforward until she breaks the fourth wall, declares the episode over, and bows to the camera.

Episode 6 – Can’t Become More Honest

Target – Shioya Rei

Rei has less than zero guard. Episode starts with Suwaru asking to see her panties, and she shows them. As she nonchalantly asks what is so good about seeing panties, Suwaru starts to get flustered, and begins asking for the director.

Suwaru and the director begin arguing about how Rei isn’t acting her part correctly, and the director suggests Suwaru try something different. To which Suwaru begins staring closely and intently at her panties until she finally gets embarrassed.

Episode 7 – Can’t Be More Honest

Target – Kyan Tama

Back in the nurse’s office, this time with Tama, who is dressed like a middle schooler. Yes, this show is going places. Like prison.

After flattering her a little bit, he asks about her panties until she says she is okay about it, and asks him to lift her skirt for her. He jumps at the chance, but she changes her mind and tries to hold her skirt down, even saying that she changed her mind about showing the panties off.

As he finally breaks through her defenses, her holds her skirt up high to see her striped panties. And her “elephant trunk”.

Episode 8 – I’m a Baby Now

Target – Toyofusa Urara

In the middle of the school hallway now, and Suwaru is as much of a pervert as ever. Before the episode has even begun, he has asked to see Urara’s milkers. And no that is the imagery they want you to have, because they also play the sound of a cow mooing when she repeats his request back to him.

Naturally, she declines because those are meant for feeding babies… to which Suwaru gets the bright idea that he should act really hungry and beg her to feed him. The cow sound effect is used multiple times for good measure. Urara is a cow, and baby’s hungry.

He even starts rolling around on the ground and acting the part, the narrator calling him out for his lack of shame.

He then wears down her emotions by acting like a baby and calling her mommy until her mind breaks and she lays half naked on the floor of the hallway, calling herself Suwaru’s mommy.

Episode 9 – Heaven or Hell

Target – Aneha Yua

Suwaru is at the dentist, and the dental hygienist is young and hot. Where else could this be going?

She sees the inflamed tooth and asks if he has any problem with anesthesia. Because she’s a professional. And he is a massive pervert, so he goes dogezu and asks for her to instead disrobe for him and show her face and breasts.

Naturally worried that scandal will come upon her, she gives him an ultimatum to settle down or be kicked out. So he begs to see her breasts even more, until the pain from his tooth becomes too great and he is forced to relent.

As he is writhing in pain, he is unable to accept a needle for anesthetic, so Yua does the only thing she can think of… She takes off her shirt and bra and gets to work right over him… As you do.

And as with the last adult to be in his grasp, she tells him that it has to be kept secret.

Episode 10 – How’s Work Going?

Target – Ninose Sannose

Surpringly, the beef of this episode is almost normal. Suwaru is working as an assistant for a mangaka, underneath Sannose, a higher level assistant. After discussing general tips on drawing and whether is it better to draw with traditional media or digital, Suwaru asks Sannose is she would act as a reference for his character art.

After some back and forth arguing and berating from the narrator. Sannose agrees to pull up her shirt, with the understanding that his art had better look good.

Episode 11 – Class 4 Hazardous Materials

Target – Yuseki Natsumi

Today Suwaru and his father are on a little trip, and taking a stop at a petrol station. As the target silently washes the car, we head Suwaru and his father conversing. Because the father’s dialogue is colored blue, Suwaru questions whether the father has been the narrator this whole time, but passes on the idea.

The father decides that Suwaru’s luck with the ladies needs to be challenged, so he goes dogezu for the gas station attendant and asks to see her breasts. I don’t know how often she gets asked that, but she responds that he would need to buy more than just gasoline for her to do that.

After he asks for a full tank, she thinks about how most people don’t get that much gas at once and how her family needs it and…


.. she does it, pulls them out right out in the open and smushes them on the window, begging to be filled up…

Episode 12 – She Made Herself My Sister

Target – Omoi Ayame

Yeah, I’m gonna say that I was a little spoiled on this plot from the synopsis here, but this episode starts out creepy. Gone is the narrator, replaced by creepy piano music and a bloodsoaked, hand written data card for the day’s girl.

Suwaru sees this girl in his living room, and immediately asks to see her boobs. She claims to be his sister, but the narrator quickly mentions that he doesn’t have a sister. But boy is she into the idea if showing her body off to her “brother”.

She takes off her shirt with very little prompting, and as she removes her bra, Suwaru blurts out that no one else showed them to him quite as quickly. He had to work for it. This angers Ayame visibly.

Pulling away the bra, she is only covered up by the locks of green hair as she gives a vacant smile and sways back and forth toward him, the narrator warning his audibly of her strange behavior.

As the music swells, the visuals get darker, glitchy, until she pulls out a knife and rushes in. The scene turns black before we get a good look at Ayame, stripped down to her panties and bathing in Suwaru’s blood, her eyes glazed offer as she gleefully declares that her “brother” is hers forever.

Post credits scene, leading up to the sequel series, I Was Reincarnated As a Hero Who Saves The World By Groveling


Seriously, WTF did I watch?

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